Creating Value

We believe that through our understanding of the design process and how buildings are constructed, we can assist our clients by driving efficiencies and creating value that unlocks viability and generates enhanced value. 

Understanding Value: Cost efficiencies in creating great architecture by understanding value of efficient layout and space planning, as well as design and construction methods.

Workplace strategies: Maximising new ways of working and technologies to improve spatial efficiency to create exciting places of work that improve the wellbeing of workers and attract and retain the best staff.

Community Involvement: Where possible, bring the community into the design process, reach out to other local partners and stakeholders, so that design becomes more that a client-architect relationship.

Branding: Assisting clients to maximise the impact of new developments by using branding, promotion and PR methods to create a sense of place and belonging to the building users and occupants.

Sustainability: From our extensive experience of the BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes assessment methods, we are able to quickly evaluate best practice for passive solar design, ‘fabric first’ principles for envelope design, materials selection for longevity and low maintenance, as well as assisting with reduction of energy consumption and exploring opportunities for use of on-site renewable energy systems.

Life and Building Use: Consideration for the building’s use and how its occupants interact with it. If considered correctly, this can bring significant benefits to energy consumption, facilities and asset management as well as building in flexibility and adaptability to allow the building to evolve over time as the occupiers needs change.