At Cunniff Design, we love seeing our designs realised. We pride ourselves in understanding well how buildings are put together and have many years experience of working with contractors to deliver buildings on site.  

Construction Expertise: We know that delivering a great concept relies on the design development being aware the construction methods, materials and products and systems that will be needed to make it work. We believe that we know how to design and build.

Contractor Engagement: Working closely with contractor teams and suppliers is vital to delivering great buildings on time and within budget. We pride ourselves on our close relationships to a number of significant contractor organisations across the region.

Problem Solving: We promote a collective approach to problem solving and encourage a blame-free culture to enable all parties to overcome problems on site effectively to the benefit of all parties.

Quality Control: We employ quality assurance systems to manage the delivery process, flow of information and checking and co-ordination of the construction work.